First Friday Margate

Polly Donger, owner of Little Bit, writes about FIRST FRIDAY, a new monthly event she has created in partnership with Jodie Elena and Dan Thompson. 

This is a call to bring the community out in force, to celebrate our wonderful town and bring it back to a time when we all could bop about Margate of an evening, meet people, find our tribes, and basically have a lovely time!

A few of us realised that Margate’s community seemed a little disjointed since lockdown. Obviously, this year has made it hard to get a sense of the beauty of this community, so our intention is to try and reawaken it a little, reconnect us all a bit and help anyone new to feel the incredible warmth of a strong and supportive community that we are very fortunate to have here in Margate.

So, this is the plan! We are encouraging as many people and businesses as possible to get involved in FIRST FRIDAY, which will happen, as the name suggests, on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month. We want to make this as inclusive and joyful as possible. Our community is our strength, and it should be celebrated.

What we are asking is that EVERYONE who wants to, does something, whatever that may be! For example, a juggler on the harbour arm, a bake sale from your front garden, an exhibition in your window, a cycle ride, a group swim, cheeky discounts, and late-night shopping, or getting everyone dining in your restaurant to wear a wig! Anything goes! Whatever it might be we just want to encourage it all to happen on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month and make the town sing!

Please email if you have events planned and we will promote them on our socials @firstfridaymargate using the hashtag #firstfridaymargate so people can easily see what is going on.

Also, if you have a weird and wonderful idea but need connecting with others to help make it come alive, then drop us a DM and we will try to point you in the right direction!