Fresh GRASS Projects

Did you know that Parklets are small parts of residential streets reclaimed by the community for people to stop, rest and enjoy? To create a parklet residents often transform parking spaces into community areas with benches, seats, planters, trees, etc. to challenge the idea that kerbside space is only for car storage. A residential parklet can be used both as a resting point for people, a play area for children, and green spaces for wildlife. 

GRASS would also like to propose the installation of on-street Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points, perhaps incorporated into the pavement build-outs required for the parklets. 

GRASS would like to see the parklets project included as part of the Margate Town Deal public realm interventions, as this will encourage movement between the popular Viking Coastal Trail and the commercial areas of Cliftonville. 

Another GRASS project proposal is for the installation of new bicycle parking. As a huge number of properties in Cliftonville West are conversions with high density occupancy, they do not have adequate bicycle storage due to small communal areas and limited outside space, so we propose that there should be new secure on-street bike storage to meet this need. This will hopefully encourage residents to use bicycles as their primary mode of transport, and perhaps help to improve the health and wellbeing in the area. 

We are also proposing several other urban improvement initiatives; to repair & repaint the existing heritage street signs in Cliftonville West, install new lamppost signage to inform residents and visitors they are in one of the Cliftonville Conservation Areas, and explore the possibility of installing heritage lampposts, much like the successful project in Dalby Square. If you would like to get involved to help develop any of these projects please visit