GRASS Volunteers

Volunteers are the life blood of GRASS and the success of our events and projects entirely depends on their contribution! We welcome the participation of people with a desire to contribute to the success of GRASS, people who are eager to enjoy the experience, and help ensure that everything runs smoothly. Above all, we are looking for people who are enthusiastic and want to help create excitement around all our community engagement work here in Cliftonville!

Stephen Darrer, Secretary at GRASS Cliftonville

Volunteer at GRASS Events

You don’t have to live in Cliftonville to volunteer, we welcome people from all over Thanet who have a desire to make a difference in our community.

Here are some of our events for which we need volunteers, so if you have some spare time and would like to get involved, please complete the contact form below and we’ll get in touch.

Organise GRASS Events

The GRASS community group is looking for local people to help organise the following events:

For a useful government guide with lots of advice about how to organise successful community events please CLICK HERE.

If you live in Thanet and you have some spare time to sit on one of our event steering groups and help organise a community event, we would love to hear from you.

Organise GRASS Projects

If you would like to help organise one of the following community projects, or you have a project you would like us to assist you with, please complete the application form below.

Apply Here to Volunteer!

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