Thanet Way Employment Service

By Will Hebditch from Thanet Way Employment Services / Rethink Mental Illness

Wow what can I say, this past year has been a challenge during these unprecedented COVID-19 times, we have been in and out of lockdowns and thrown into different tiers and I don’t know about you, but my mental well-being has taken a knock. Not only have we been unable to see loved ones and friends, but we have also found that a lot of our jobs have either been furloughed or that your position no longer exists.

So, I thought I would tell you about the service I work for. Thanet Way Employment Service is part of Rethink Mental Illness, a national mental health charity. Our aim is to support individuals who live in Thanet, are aged 18+ and suffer with any form of mental health condition and help get them back into paid employment.

How do we help? We will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis looking at your interests and experience to start to build a tailored support plan. Initially starting with helping you update your CV, making sure it’s tailored to the job you are looking for and writing specific covering letters. We can also help you with job applications and job searching, job brokering and online mock interviews.

Once you are back in employment, we will continue to support you in work. As part of the Live Well Kent programme, we have partner organisations working alongside us who we can also refer you to for additional support, where you can get help with your mental health and well-being. This can be support with confidence and motivation, anxiety and depression. They can also look at relevant training and courses available, as well as volunteering, which will all help you in the long-term goal of improving your well-being and gaining employment.

It’s important to be able to talk to someone during these times and through our service, and at Live Well Kent, you can get the support you need.

For more information, you can email us at or contact Live Well Kent on 0800 567 7699.