GRASS Committee

The following GRASS committee members were elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held during March 2020.

The Gordon Road Area Street Scheme – aka GRASS – is currently looking for self-motivated people to sit on our committee and share responsibility for oversight and strategic decision making at our popular community group.

We will soon be announcing the roles that are available, and if you are interested in taking on a committee role your nomination will be put forward at our AGM as part of our election process (it’s much less scary than it sounds!).

Please note that to be elected to the GRASS committee you must live on one of the streets in the GRASS area: Gordon Road, St. Paul’s Road, Sweyn Road, Percy Road, Edgar Road, Stanley Road, Cliftonville Mews, and Ethelbert Crescent (between Sweyn & Edgar).

Occasionally the elected committee may co-opt people who do not live in the GRASS area onto the committee if their skills are appropriate to the needs of the street scheme.

This year promises to be an incredibly exciting time for GRASS as our community group has been awarded the The Oval Bandstand & Lawns as a community asset transfer from Thanet Council. If you would like to be part of the GRASS team and help deliver our exciting events at The Oval Bandstand, please do get in touch by completing the following form.

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