Market Operator Licenses

You can apply to GRASS Cliftonville CIC if you want to hold a market at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns. You must read our Markets Policy, together with our H&S Guidance for Food Markets (if applicable), and make sure you understand the requirements, and your obligations as a prospective Markets Operator, before you submit an application to us. 

What is a market?

The legal definition of a market is:

  • A concourse of buyers and sellers that shall be comprised of not less than 5 stalls, stands, vehicles (whether moveable or not), or pitches from which articles are sold and normally there shall be a range of different sellers.

Antique and craft markets, general markets, food markets, farmers’ markets, charitable markets and markets held as part of a bigger event, all fall within the remit of our Markets Policy. We are currently unable to host car boot sales on the site.

To enable us to assess your requirements you must fully complete the application form and provide any supplementary information and documentation that is required.

Unless your market is part of a larger event we are unable to consider your application if you have fewer than 10 stalls / stands.

Other approvals you may need

As well as requiring a Market Operator licence from us, you may also need to get other approvals and provide evidence of them in your application. These may include: 

  • The Market Operator is responsible for any temporary road closures and associated traffic management arrangements that may be required in order to facilitate the operation of the market. Kent County Council has legal powers to temporarily close roads and divert traffic in order to facilitate various types of event, and applications for temporary road closures should be made to them HERE.
  • Checking whether planning consent is needed. Any market held in the same location for 14 or more days in a calendar year will require planning consent.
  • Temporary Event Notice (TEN) may be required if hot food or alcohol is available. You must seek written permission from GRASS before applying for a TEN’s for your event.
  • If the Market Operator intends to play any kind of music, whether live or recorded, a PRS music licence will be required.

Apply for a community-based or not-for-profit market 

Community-based markets are organised by groups with the intention of raising funds for a specific charity, or celebrating a special event. The market must be operated on a not-for-profit basis and the Market Operator shall supply relevant information as proof of this. While it is recognised and acknowledged that some traders may be selling goods for their own profit-making purposes, we shall expect there to be a strong charitable element in the way the event is organised.

Typical organisation structures for not-for-profit organisations would be either a CIO (registered charity), a CIC, or a fully constituted community group (with a bank account).

Before applying make sure you have read our Markets Policy, and H&S Guidance for Food Markets (if applicable), and have considered all the other approvals which may be needed.

To apply to operate a community-based or non-profit market you will need to complete the online application form below. Submit it along with any supporting documentation and the fee as far in advance of the proposed market date as possible. 

Apply for a commercial market

As The Oval Bandstand & Lawns is for community use we regret that we are unable to accept applications to operate a commercial market.

A commercial market is one which is operated for profit and where the traders are engaged in a business activity of selling goods for their own purposes.

How much does it cost?

There is a fixed fee of £100 to process annual Markets Licence applications, which is valid for each 12 month period and must be renewed annually if it is a regular market. Market Operators must apply to renew an existing Markets Licence at least 8 weeks before your current licence expires.

There is a fixed fee of £60 to process one-off Markets License applications.

We charge £10 per pitch to accommodate each trader / stall. You must refer to The Oval Standard Market Layout Plan to identify the pitch numbers you require, and then list them as part of your application. If you require a non-standard market layout please supply us with a sketch of your proposed layout.

We are currently unable to accept any hot food caterers (i.e. for immediate consumption), traders selling hot beverages, ice cream, or alcohol, at any market held at The Oval Bandstand & Lawns.

Once we have agreed to hold your market you must pay the pitch fees to us a minimum of 7 days prior to the event being held.

Market Operators Application Form

To complete your application you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Proof of charity or non-profit status of your organisation (i.e. Articles of Association, Constitution, etc.)
  • Confirmation of the market pitch numbers you require, please refer to The Oval Standard Market Layout Plan.
  • A sketch of your proposed site layout if different from The Oval Standard Market Layout Plan.
  • Confirmation of planning consent for the market (if required)
  • A completed risk assessment in connection with the proposed operation of the market. You should include arrangements for vehicle movement, pedestrian safety, loading and unloading, traffic management, allocation of trading positions, use of cooking equipment, first aid and emergencies, food safety, provision of welfare facilities and erecting and dismantling of any equipment used in conjunction with the holding of the market. 
  • A copy of your public liability insurance certificate (£5 million minimum cover required)
  • If applicable a copy of your Temporary Events Notice and/or your PRS Music Licence.

Market Operators and their employees / volunteers are required to agree to abide by the GRASS Code of Conduct

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